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As a Group Company of Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd (MDP) has held the Three Corporate Principles as its core philosophy, since its establishment in 1968. The Three Corporate Principles aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society by pursuing global business activities with integrity and fairness. The Principles are the foundation of the vision and strategy for Mitsubishi Corporation and MDP's commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

To fulfil our responsibility as a global citizen, MDP continuously identifies the needs and expectations of society through active engagement and communication with stakeholders including our parent company, joint venture partners, government, industry groups, non-government organisations (NGOs), and staff, whilst continuously supporting global initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a member of the business community, MDP recognises that it has a responsibility to ensure its activities are being conducted in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner. To ensure the long-term success of our business whilst simultaneously meeting sustainability challenges, MDP has implemented internal policies and frameworks as guiding tools that clearly state our company's societal and environmental objectives. To achieve these goals, MDP has previously, and continues to proudly support several initiatives that seek to address our five target Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) areas, including:

  • Health and safety
  • Society
  • Environment
  • Transitioning to a low-carbon society
  • Education of the public and our workforce

In addition to the various CSR contributions and donations that MDP makes through its joint venture projects, the following partnerships and programs are examples of our proud support of social and environmental initiatives, some that have spanned over many decades.

Ongoing Initiatives

Wesley Medical Research

Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd (MDP) has played a unique part in the 25-year history of Wesley Medical Research, Queensland's second oldest medical research organisation, having contributed to the organisation every year since it was established in 1994.

This support has included the establishment of the Mitsubishi Development Rural and Remote Health Centre in 2009. The Centre was established in recognition of the significant challenges in dealing with rural and remote health in Australia, challenges that are particularly evident in Queensland due to the greater decentralisation than most other states. Australians living in rural and remote areas, such as those where MDP's operations are located, have higher rates of lifestyle health risk factors, lower access to health services such as GPs(General Practitioners) and mental health support, and high rates of death due to lifestyle related chronic conditions such as coronary heart disease, compared with their metropolitan counterparts. Since its development, the Centre has helped thousands of Australians, particularly those in mining communities, through direct and indirect initiatives.

MDP's founding sponsorship of the Centre recognises the company's social and economic contribution to regional Queensland as a mineral resources producer, and its commitment to the community in Central Queensland.

Wesley Medical Research

of New South Wales Sydney

Since 2009, MDP has been supporting the University of New South Wales Sydney (UNSW) School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering and helped establish the Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (ACSMP). This has led to the ACSMP being recognised by both government and industry as:

  • A leading independent global authority on sustainable mining practices
  • A provider and developer of innovative educational resources across both the tertiary and professional development sectors
  • An active research organisation focused on new mining practices, and development and application of technologies and systems for sustainable mining initiatives.

Mining is the foundation of successful development. UNSW's vision is to extend the benefits of mining to the national economy and society at large in an environmentally sustainable manner, in keeping with the goals of both the University and MDP. The valued partnership between MDP and UNSW has generated significant progress towards this vision, and MDP has supported numerous rural scholarships, funded the establishment and maintenance of a computer laboratory, funded University prizes, and sponsored the annual MDP lecture on sustainability. Importantly, the partnership has ensured that the School of Minerals and Energy Resources Engineering is firmly placed at the forefront of research and remains a recognised leader in international sustainable mining practices across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

University of New South Wales Sydney

Earthwatch Institute

In 2019, MDP commenced a research program with Earthwatch Institute Australia to undertake blue carbon budgeting of mangroves and saltmarsh within Queensland, and to establish a network of long-term shoreline monitoring sites to assess wetland condition. The project will help fill knowledge gaps in:

  • How efficiently wetland restoration improves carbon sequestration and storage
  • The value of blue carbon stores within Australia
  • The resilience of these systems to climate change impacts such as cyclones, floods & drought
  • Areas of high priority for restoration

The knowledge gained from this project will aid understanding of the true carbon value of wetland systems and how restoration can benefit Australia's blue carbon stocks. This is critical data needed to determine how efficiently mangrove and saltmarsh habitat can help mitigate climate change into the future. Furthermore, data gathered from the shoreline assessments will identify natural threats to blue carbon ecosystems (e.g. increased temperatures, flooding, erosion) and identify areas of priority for restoration, especially in the Mackay region. This information will support local communities to restore wetlands and will be the catalyst for a restoration project in Mackay. The scientific data gathered through this project will inform mangrove and saltmarsh management in North Queensland protecting thousands of hectares of tidal wetlands.

Earthwatch Institute

Department of Education

Queenslanders impacted by natural disasters and other significant events have better access to online resources with a third Disaster Relief IT Trailer donated to the Department of Education by MDP in 2018. Two existing mobile platforms are based in Cairns and Brisbane, and the third MDP-donated trailer is located in Mackay. All three of these trailers can be quickly deployed anywhere throughout the state when needed.

The Disaster Relief IT Trailers are mobile, self-contained technology platforms contained within an easily towed trailer, making them ideal for responding quickly to emerging situations. The trailers are equipped to support schools in the event of a disaster by providing Wi-Fi internet access, laptop computers, and connectivity to online resources via satellite or high-speed cellular communications.

The trailers have the capability to operate in all types of environments due to inbuilt equipment cooling and on-board generator and fuel storage. They are not only able to be deployed to schools and communities in times of emergency, they can also be used by schools at major sports events and camps.

Donating this trailer was a proud achievement for MDP, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support state schools and the community. It is a tremendous honour to be able to align our objectives with the Queensland Government, and we are extremely proud to be able to provide this innovative technology in times of need. Following the significant flooding in North Queensland in February 2019, we were pleased to learn that the trailer was dispatched to several state schools in Townsville, to assist in restoring power and telecommunication services.

Department of Education

Recent Initiatives

Mitsubishi Development and Mitsubishi Corporation donate $1M to the Australian bushfire relief efforts (January 2020)

MDP has been deeply saddened by the catastrophic bushfires that have affected vast areas of Australia since August 2019. The extent of the damage and tragic loss of life has been a terrible blow to our valued communities and fellow Australians. MDP offers our heartfelt condolences to those affected by this disaster.

To help rebuild and recover, and to support the people of Queensland and New South Wales, MDP will proudly donate $600,000 to the Australian bushfire relief efforts. A total of $300,000 will be donated equally across the five charities nominated under the Premier of Queensland’s donation appeal, including $60,000 each to the Australian Red Cross, Lifeline Queensland through UnitingCare, the Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland, and GIVIT. In addition, a total of $300,000 will be donated to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) to directly support volunteer firefighters and the needs of the community.

As well as directly supporting the volunteer firefighters of the NSW RFS, the funds donated by MDP will be used to provide the following for those that have been affected:

  • Emergency groceries and essential items;
  • Financial assistance;
  • Purchasing furniture;
  • Mental health support;
  • Financial counselling/advice;
  • Respite care and breaks for first responders;
  • Short-term funding of rent for families while they rebuild a house destroyed by fire.

Corporate responsibility to society is a core value of MDP, and we actively strive to support initiatives that directly contribute to our communities and the health and safety of all. As a result, MDP is privileged to support people impacted by the bushfires across Queensland and New South Wales through the tireless efforts of the Australian Red Cross, Lifeline Queensland, The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland, GIVIT, and the NSW RFS. Our thoughts remain with everyone who has been impacted by the devastation, and we wish for a fast and successful recovery.

MDP is also proud to announce that our parent company Mitsubishi Corporation will be donating $400,000 to the Australian Red Cross as emergency relief aid for the areas affected by the bushfires.

This brings the total combined donation on behalf of Mitsubishi Corporation and its 100% subsidiary (MDP) to $1 million.

Bushfire damage in Yeppoon

(Damage in Yeppoon – photo supplied by St Vincent de Paul Society)

Refreshments for first responders

(Refreshments for first responders – photo supplied by The Salvation Army)

Moranbah Youth and Community Centre Opening (August 2019)

It was a privilege for MDP to join the official opening of the Moranbah Youth and Community Centre (MYCC) on 27 August 2019. The Centre was opened by Queensland Minister for Communities the Hon. Coralee O’Rourke MP, Isaac Regional Council Mayor Cr Anne Baker, and BMA Caval Ridge Mine General Manager Dan Iliffe. Guests were honoured to be joined by representatives of the Barada Barna People – the Traditional Owners of Moranbah, and it was a wonderful opportunity to see the work being undertaken by the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors, Moranbah and District Support Service, and Emergency & Long-Term Accommodation in Moranbah.

The multi-purpose centre incorporates space for youth and community activities, counselling rooms, open-plan office space, and meeting rooms. MYCC was developed under a partnership project with the Queensland Government, with BMA (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance) contributing $5.2 million through its commitment to community enrichment as part of the Caval Ridge Mine Social Impact Management Plan.

MDP is commited to constantly achieving triple value growth by simultaneously generating economic value, social value, and environmental value – and we are proud that our joint venture has been able to provide such a valuable asset to one of our key local communities. This initiative between BMA and the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors, with ongoing support from Isaac Regional Council, is another example of how the private sector and Government can work together to ensure the liveability and prosperity of sustainable rural communities.

The MYCC can be found on the corner of Mills Avenue and Appleton Street in Moranbah.

Moranbah Youth and Community Centre Opening (August 2019)

(L-R: Dominic Nolan – Head of Corporate Affairs, BHP; Dan Iliffe – General Manager Caval Ridge Mine, BMA; Cr Anne Baker – Mayor, Isaac Regional Council; the Hon. Coralee O'Rourke MP – Minister for Communities, Queensland Government; Kenji Azuma – Vice President Asset Management and Function, Mitsubishi Development; Hannah McColl-Wayne – Public Relations and Sustainability, Mitsubishi Development)

Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd and BHP sign up to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (June 2019)

Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd (MDP) and BHP have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreement to work together in the pursuit of emissions reductions, including from the life-cycle use of marketed products.

Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd Managing Director and CEO, Sadahiko Haneji, said this MoU is an important initiative for a company engaging in mineral resource activities in Australia, such as MDP. ‘Mitsubishi Corporation Group, and therefore MDP, is committed to simultaneously generating economic value, societal value, and environmental value through all business activities it conducts,’ Mr Haneji said. ‘In line with this principle and guided by commitment to corporate social responsibility as well as global climate targets, MDP is enhancing its efforts to generate further environmental value, to help society transition to a low-carbon future. We are confident that this partnership with BHP will help us to achieve our goal, as well as contribute to the sustainable future of our local and global communities.’

BHP and Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd are reviewing opportunities to undertake research, pilot new ideas, and develop and deploy new emissions reduction technologies.

BHP Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Mackenzie, said the MoU marked the start of an important collaboration with one of BHP’s essential long-term industry partners. ‘BHP is committed to accelerating the development of emerging technologies that have the potential to achieve material reductions in greenhouse gas emissions,’ Mr Mackenzie said. ‘Our new collaboration with Mitsubishi Development demonstrates the important role the private sector can play in bringing these technologies to market. Both companies are committed to emissions reductions in a range of industries, including the steel industry. Our Japanese partners and customers are critical to the development of new technologies and approaches to emissions reductions that stand to benefit countries across the globe.’

Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd and BHP sign up to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (June 2019)

Michiel Hovers (Chief Marketing Officer, BHP) and Sadahiko Haneji (Managing Director and CEO, Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd)

Mackay Marina Run and Harbour Beach clean (June 2019)

MDP through its joint venture BMA (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance), has been proudly sponsoring the annual BMA Mackay Marina Run since it started in 2009. Raising funds for much-needed support and research for the Leukemia Foundation, the BMA Mackay Maria Run continues to attract greater participant numbers every year. The event showcases the spectacular features of the tropical coastal city and celebrates the role that fun and fitness has in the community.

On 2 June 2019, BMA celebrated its 11th year of sponsorship of this event and was proud to have over 130 BMA and MDP employees and family members take part in the various running events. Volunteers worked hard in the BMA Recovery Tent and throughout the whole event precinct, providing helpful hands to sizzle sausages and distribute fruit and water for all participants.

In addition to the run itself, MDP also arranged a beach clean at Harbour Beach and Mulherin Park, as part of Clean Up Australia. To show our contribution to health and safety, society, and importantly the environment, MDP took advantage of having several of its employees in Mackay for the weekend by arranging a beach clean in one of its local communities, accompanied by resident BMA staff and their families. As a result of our efforts, we were able to collect and remove around 120kg of general rubbish, abandoned tyres, and hazardous chemicals/petroleum products, as well as report abandoned furniture and scrap material to the local Council for collection. MDP is committed to helping deliver lasting environmental change and social contribution and intends to conduct annual business Clean Up Australia events within its local communities, going forward.

Mackay Marina Run and Harbour Beach clean (June 2019)

$100,000 donation to the North Queensland Flood Appeal (February 2019)

Following a significant flooding event in large areas of northern Queensland, specifically Townsville, in late January and early February 2019, the Premier of Queensland launched a special fundraising appeal for businesses and community to assist those in need. The appeal called for contributions to Non-Government Organisation partners of the Queensland Government, specialising in emergency response and disaster recovery, including - The Australian Red Cross Society, UnitingCare, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland, and GIVIT.

As a long-term member of the Queensland community, and in line with our core values of corporate responsibility to society, MDP decided to donate a total of $100,000 to the fundraising appeal. Through this initiative, $20,000 was donated to each of the five charities, to assist with flood recovery efforts associated with the Townsville flooding.

MDP's funds were used to directly purchase essential items for families that were affected by the floods, and whose homes were either damaged or destroyed. These essential items such as white goods, beds, linen, clothing, food vouchers, or electronics helped households get back on their feet following the disaster, and MDP is proud to have been able to support its community during this time in need.

Additionally, MDP's funds were co-mingled with other generous corporate and community donations to provide crucial support in the areas of counselling, chaplain services, temporary meal hubs, pastoral support, and financial counselling. Through the incredible efforts of the Australian Red Cross Society, UnitingCare, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland, and GIVIT, MDP was able to directly and indirectly support thousands of its fellow Queenslanders, recovering from this unprecedented flooding event.

$100,000 donation to the North Queensland Flood Appeal (February 2019)$100,000 donation to the North Queensland Flood Appeal (February 2019)